Appendix A. Resources

Table of Contents
Latest Versions of DocBook
Resources for Resources
Introductory Material on the Web
References and Technical Noteson the Web
Internet RFCs
Books and Printed Resources

This appendix is under development... I've borrowed the formatting from elsewhere and am busy hacking it around to what i want

placeholer for references and resources... ideas please.. I guess Mysql, postgres, rfc information etc should go here. Scripts for auto generating configs? Links to linux resources?

The quantity of information about SGML and XML is growing on a daily basis. This appendix strives to provide both a complete bibliography of the references mentioned explicitly in this book, and a sampling of resources for additional information about DocBook and about SGML and XML in general. Although not all of these resources are focused specifically on DocBook, they still provide helpful information for DocBook users.

Latest Versions of DocBook

As of July 1998, responsibility for the advancement and maintenance of the DocBook DTD has been transferred from the Davenport Group, which originated it, to the DocBook Technical Committee of OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) at

The latest releases of DocBook can be obtained from the official DocBook home page at