Books and Printed Resources

There are also a number of books worth checking out:


Developing SGML DTDs: From Text to Model to Markup, Eve Maler and Jeanne El Andaloussi, 0-13-309881-8, Prentice-Hall PTR, Upper Saddle River, 1996.

Practical SGML, Erik van Herwijnen, 2, 0-7923-9434-8, Kluwer Academic Press, 1994.

The SGML Handbook, Charles Goldfarb and Yuri Rubinksy, 0-7923-9434-8, 1991, Oxford University Press.

SGML: an author's guide to the Standard Generalized Markup Language, Martin Bryan, 0-201-17535-5, 1988, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.

$GML: The Billion Dollar Secret, Chet Ensign, 0-13-226705-5, 1998, Prentice Hall.

Creating Documents with XML, Chris Maden, 1-56592-518-1, 1999, O'Reilly & Associates.

XML: A Primer, Simon St. Laurent, 1-5582-8592-X, 1998, MIS:Press/IDG Books Worldwide.

Understanding SGML and XML Tools, Peter Flynn, 0-7923-8169-6, 1998, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

The LaTeX Web Companion: Integrating TeX, HTML, and XML, Michel Goosens and Sebastian Rahtz, 0-201-43311-7, 1999, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.