TransferRate -- Configure upload, download transfer rates


TransferRate [ cmds] [ kilobytes-per-sec[:free-bytes]] [ ["user"|"group"|"class" expression]]




server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>, <Anonymous>, <Directory>, .ftpaccess




1.2.8rc1 and later


The TransferRate directive is used to set transfer rates limits on the transfer of data. This directive allows for transfer rates to be set in a wide variety of contexts, on a per-command basis, and for certain subsets of users.

The cmds parameter may be an comma-separated list of any of the following commands: APPE, RETR, STOR, and STOU.

The kilobytes-per-sec parameter is the actual transfer rate to be applied.

The free-bytes parameter, if configured, allows that many bytes to be transferred before the rate controls are applied. This allows for clients transferring small files to be unthrottled, but for larger files, such as MP3s and ISO images, to be throttled.

The optional parameters are used to restrict the application of the rate controls only to specific users. If the "user" restriction is given, then expression is a user-expression specifying to which users the rate applies. Similarly for the "group" restriction. For the "class" restriction, the expression is simply the name of connection class for whom the rate will apply.


# Limit downloads for everyone except the special group of users TransferRate RETR 1.5 group !special-users

# Limit uploads (and appends!) to the prolific users in the # domain. This presumes that a Class has been defined # for that domain, and that that Class has been named "uploaders". Let them # upload small files without throttling, though. TransferRate APPE,STOR 8.0:1024 class uploaders