Установка Umask

[Снова о каких-то проблемах... Короче, сначала проверю все на практике.]

I am using Proftpd 1.2.0Pre9 on Linux on my ftp/web server. I would like all the files uploaded into a directory (/cgi-bin) to automatically receive the execute attribute (the rights should be "-rwxr-xr-x"). I tried to do it by setting a "Umask 000" in the proftpd.conf file but it doesn't work.

Proftpd will not do this automatically; clients should be able to do it with the "chmod" command, which translates to "SITE CHMOD", but I always get "permission denied" when i try it, i have not found why yet. Anyway, several ways to get it automatic: a script doing chmods every x minutes, or a script reading the logfile and looking for cgi-bins being uploaded, I have not done this, but this sounds like what you want. Though it is very thinly documented... The AllowFilter/DenyFilter: http://www.proftpd.org/docs/proftpdfaq-7.html#ss7.3