Using the default "basic.conf" file with a 1.2.0pre10 installation on Slackware Linux 7 (2.2.14), proftpd has problems with all of the aliased interfaces on the box. The daemon will start up and listen on port 21 on all of the interfaces, however if I connect to any of the aliased interfaces, the log shows a bind(): Permission Denied and the connection closes. The primary and localhost interface will accept connections with no problems. The daemon is running as nobody:nogroup, and those users exist on the system. Incedintally, if I run the daemon as root, proftpd works fine on ALL configured interfaces, however running the daemon as root is not desired. I have had no problems running any versions previous to pre10 on the same machine and on other machines as well. Anyone knows why am I getting this error?? Mar 13 16:44:40 gabriel proftpd[2997]: - attempted bind to, port 21 Mar 13 16:44:40 gabriel proftpd[2997]: - bind() failed in inet_create_connection(): Address already in use Mar 13 16:44:40 gabriel proftpd[2997]: - Check the Serv erType directive to ensure you are configured correctly. I comment out the ftp in my inetd.conf. I am using the proftpd as a services On Fri, 17 Dec 1999, Alderman, Sean wrote: > Just compiled and installed pre9 w/ the TYPE A N patch... Running in > standalone mode works great...Running from inetd gives the following in > /var/log/messages - > Dec 17 15:22:51 dmz1 proftpd[7163]: - bind() failed in > inet_create_connection(): Address already in use Normally caused by one of the following o Another proftpd running o ftp being configured in inetd and running the daemon in standalone o Something else listening on port 21

See the SocketBindTight directive. When off (the default), sockets are bound to When on, specific IPs are used (as specified by VirtualHost) and the "main" IP is guessed. You can also use the port 0 trick to prevent binding the the main guessed IP.