DisplayFirstChdir -- Set the file to display when first entering a directory


DisplayFirstChdir [ DisplayFirstChdir filename]




server config, <VirtualHost>, <Anonymous>, <Directory>, <Global>




0.99.0 and later, magic cookies only in 0.99.0pl10 and later


The DisplayFirstChdir directive configures an ASCII text filename which will be displayed to the user the first time they change into a directory (via CWD) per a given session. The file will also be displayed if proftpd detects that its last modification time has changed since the previous CWD into a given directory. If the filename is relative, it is looked for in the new directory that the user has changed into. Note that for anonymous ftp logins (see <Anonymous>), the file must reside inside the chroot()ed file system space. If the file cannot be found or accessed, no error occurs and nothing is logged or displayed to the client.

DisplayFirstChdir, DisplayConnect, DisplayLogin and DisplayQuit support the following "magic cookies" (only in 0.99.0pl10 and later), which are replaced with their respective strings before being displayed to the user.

%T	Current Time

%F	Available space on file system

%C	Current working directory

%R	Remote host name

%L	Local host name

%u	Username reported by ident protocol

%U	Username originally used in login

%M	Max number of connections

%N	Current number of connections

%E	Server admin's e-mail address

%i      The number of files uploaded (input) in this session

%o      The number of files downloaded (output) in this session

%t      The number of files transfered (uploaded and downloaded) in this session

%x	The name of the user's class

%y	Current number of connections from the user's class

%z	Max number of connections from the user's class

NOTE: not all of these may have a rational value, depending on the context in which they're used (e.g., %u if ident lookups are off).

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