CreateHome -- Create and populate users' home directories as needed


CreateHome [ off|on [<mode>] [skel <path>] [dirmode <mode>]]




server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>




1.2.8rc2 and later


The CreateHome directive configures the server to automatically create a user's home directory, if that directory does not exist, during the login process.

The mode parameter is used to configure the absolute mode of the home directory created. If not specified, the module will default to 700.

The optional skel path parameter can be used to configure an /etc/skel-like directory containing account initialization files and directories. The parameter must be the full path to the directory. The directory must not be world-writeable. Files copied from this directory into the new home directory will have the UID and GID of the logging-in user. Note that sockets and FIFOs in the skeleton directory will not be copied; any setuid or setgid bits on files will be removed from the copied files in the target home directory.

The optional dirmode parameter can be used to specify the mode for intermediate directories that may need to be created in order to create the target home directory. By default, the mode for such intermediate directories will be 711. NOTE: using a mode that does not allow for the execute bit to be enabled can cause havoc. You have been warned.


# Use the CreateHome default settings CreateHome on

# Specify a skeleton directory CreateHome on skel /etc/ftpd/skel

# No skeleton, but make sure that intermediate directories have 755 # permissions. CreateHome on dirmode 755

# Skeleton directory, with 700 intermediate directories CreateHome on skel /etc/ftpd/skel dirmode 700